Month: February 2004

Sonic Boom

CHICAGO–The Concorde is dead. Long live supersonic transport.The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Aviation and Aerospace Administration are testing new aircraft designs

Requiem for a Dream

Internet politics, release 1.0, still has some bugs in it. The beta version powered Howard Dean to an early lead in the Democratic primary race.

FreshDirect: Ready To Deliver

IT’S 5:30 A.M. at FreshDirect’s warehouse and headquarters in Long Island City, N.Y. It’s 40 degrees outside and 38 degrees inside. Butchers are slicing, dicing

MS Duck and Cover

Just when you thought the Windows security picture couldn’t get any worse, Microsoft confirmed Friday that source code from its well-worn Windows NT 4.0 and

February 2004 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES Case Dissection Connecting Costs Calculating Costs of Radio-Frequency Identification in the Supply Chain Is your warehouse up to snuff? If you can’t beat

Quiz: Do You Need To Automate?

ASM systems can keep your security systems up to date, probe your network for weaknesses. Setting them up is hard, though, because some of the

Restoration Project

Restoration Hardware’s supply-chain and technology infrastructure is a real fixer-upper opportunity. “The problem with these guys is that they don’t know how to make money,”

RFID: Hit or Myth?

Procter & Gamble markets some of the biggest brands in store aisles across the country, from Crest toothpaste to Pantene shampoo to Charmin toilet paper.