Month: August 2003

September 2003 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES The Coming Commoditization of Compensation (Topline Online Exclusive) 1.4 million U.S. jobs will be moved offshore by 2015. Find out where, why and

Corporate Performance Management

What is it? An umbrella term for systems that monitor the key metrics of business performance. A corporate performance management (CPM) suite contains software to

Clorox Brightens Its IT with SAP

When Gerald E. Johnston was promoted from chief operating officer to chief executive of Clorox, he deemed the installation of SAP software one of his

Innovate. (But Delegate.)

Colgate-Palmolive is nearly a $10 billion company, and we operate literally everywhere in the world. The company’s strength has been building new business, country by

Novell, Ximian: Opposites Attract

After Novell’s announcement this week that it plans to acquire Ximian, industry observers might be forgiven a collective “Huh?” At first glance, the two seem

Will Java Roast on An Open Fire?

The way Sun’s Java programming language has been developed is something of a paradox.Sun owns the core code behind Java, which is used to create

Artemis: Avoiding a Meltdown

Most companies see “zero defects” as little more than a lofty aspiration. But utilities—where Artemis seems to be the project-management tool of choice—cram tens of