Month: July 2003

Oracle’s Bid: Style Matters

NEWS ANALYSIS: Oracle’s bid for PeopleSoft could have turned out differently if CEO Larry Ellison didn’t lose style points in the company’s opening volley. Consider

August 2003 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES BTO’s Key Technology Decisions (Topline Online Exclusive) Auto DetailingA look at Build-To-Order’s key technology decisions. PLus: BTO’s new nameplate be a hit among

Who’s Afraid Of Oracle? Not SAP

NEW YORK—With or without the acquisition of PeopleSoft, Oracle is “not a competitor which really could hurt” SAP AG, said the chief executive of SAP,

SAP CEO: Big-Deal Era Is Over

NEW YORK—The big deal is dead. Large corporations are not interested any longer in sweeping, long-term, hundred-million or billion-dollar information system deployments, said Henning Kagermann,

IT Execs Distrust Software Mergers

Toyota’s Mike Elsesser is a big believer in best-of-breed software. Elsesser, Toyota’s national technology manager of enterprise data management, says his software infrastructure features Oracle,

Quiz: Does My Project Need LAMP?

Is open-source software too green to compete against the likes of Microsoft? Fans of the Linux-anchored LAMP “platform” certainly disagree. To learn more about LAMP

BearingPoint: A Rose By Another Name

Bearingpoint 1676 International Drive McLean, VA 22102 (703) 747-3000 TICKER: BE EXCHANGE:NYSE EMPLOYEES:15,847 Michael J. Donahue Group EVP, COO Helped steer the acquisition and

McDonald’s Wants It Their Way

Innovate wasn’t McDonald’s first attempt to capture operational data from its restaurants. Nearly 10 years earlier, in 1991, McDonald’s made its first foray into collecting