Month: June 2003

Lowe’s Big Plan

One right turn, two lefts and three miles away from the Secaucus Home Depot, mothers are pushing baby strollers along airy, bright aisles at a

Data Depot

It’s a rainy day at the Home Depot in Secaucus, N.J. Contractors are milling about. Pigeons feed from an open bag of Wagner’s Four Season

Tool: What Security Can Do For You

The cost to businesses from the SQL Slammer Worm ran into the billions of dollars, according to many analyst estimates. The 376-byte packet of code

Online Extras: June 2003

Topline (p. 16-17) It Pays to Be A CIO 23 toptechnology executives made more than $1 million last year. Meanwhile, 17 saw their pay drop.Click

CIO Takes Insourcing To The Bank

Austin Adams believes he can run an information technology organization more efficiently than any hired gun. “Experientially and philosophically, I am opposed to meaningful outsourcing,”

Eckerd Takes It To The Next Level

When Eckerd decided in 2001 to bring technology operations in-house, Chief Information Officer Ken Petersen bet his job that he and his staff could do

PeopleSoft: Dominant or Distracted?

Arlyn Richards doesn’t want a spate of proposed enterprise software mergers to become an implementation headache for him. Richards, manager of information systems at Gallatin

Voice of Experience: S.A. Ibrahim – The Down Payment

S.A. IbrahimGreenPoint Mortgage President, CEONovato, MANAGER’S PROFILE: Ibrahim joined GreenPoint—the nation’s largest specialty-mortgage company—in March 1997 and was appointed president and chief executive officer

Failure Is Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Technique follows technology. You may not know right away what to do with what you have, but one thing’s for certain—it’s not all going to