Month: February 2003

Online Extras: March 2003

Case Dissection (p. 42-63) Online Exclusive Scan-Based Trading Still A Work In ProgressScan-based trading (SBT) is not so much about coordinating data as it is

EDS Rides Out a Storm

It was an imperfect storm. On Sept. 18, Electronic Data Systems slashed its forecasted third-quarter earnings, from 74 cents to no more than 15 cents

Monkey CRM, Monkey Do

Is Siebel the 900-pound gorilla of customer relationship management—or more like King Kong just before his fall? Siebel forged a profitable new business, helping large

Quiz: Should You (Mis)Trust Computers?

  TRUE FALSE We use e-mail to authorize purchase orders and other financial documents Our network supports many remote and mobile workers Employees carry highly

Bringing in Linux, for a Fee

Reader Survey: It wasn’t so long ago that you got funny looks from your CIO if you even talked about Linux. Times sure have changed.

Voice of Experience: Martin Armitage

Martin Armitage Unilever Senior VP & Head of Global Infrastructure Organization London, United Kingdom Manager’s Profile: Responsible for maintaining information technology for 100,000 users