Month: November 2002

What’s In Store for 7-Eleven?

You wouldn’t know it to look at 7-Eleven’s famous Slurpee, a cup of frozen mush consumed with a combination spoon-straw, or a Super Big Gulp

Disruptive Technologies Can Be Useful

Attention, all you technology project managers: it’s no longer just cool to be disruptive. Now, it’s a business mandate. Thanks to the popularization of the

Don’t Drive Ahead on Automatic

Pretty soon, you will be driving an information system. You might think you’re already there. Your car today may have 50 microprocessors hidden inside it,

Voice of Experience: Brian Whitehead, S&P

Brian WhiteheadStandard & Poor’sVP, Chief Technology ArchitectNew York, N.Y. Manager’s Profile: Whitehead started at S&P in 1995 as vice president and became the company’s chief