Month: May 2002

Quiz: Do You Need ebXML?

Note: This quiz requires at least Microsoft IE 4.0, Netscape 6.0, or other compatible Web browser.   TRUE FALSE Our company deals with international supply

Project Too Big? Break It Apart

In the more than 20 years I’ve been a chief information officer, I’ve found the most difficult thing in introducing new technologies isn’t putting in

SAP: Not Always the Answer

Brady may be basing the ambitious $30 million overhaul of its business processes on SAP software. But the label and sign maker declined to use

New ROI Metrics Vie in Market

When the going gets tough, the tough sell metrics. Metrics, that is, that could help them sell more of their own products. With corporate budgets

BofA’s Direct-Deposit Debacle

Bank of America customers in California, Nevada and Arizona got a rude shock on the weekend of March 15 when they tried to enjoy their