Month: January 2002

E*Trade Bets Big on Linux

NEW YORK—Was it IBM’s much-ballyhooed recent announcement of a mainframe that runs only Linux that swayed E*Trade Group Inc. to dump its Sun Microsystems Solaris

Three Big Breakdowns of 2001

Technology mishaps were hard to miss in 2001. Much attention was paid a debacle starring an alleged $400 million investment in i2 Technologies software that

Three IT Triumphs for 2001

When gauging the success of technology projects, numbers count. But so does executive support. “[Success] has very little to do with technology and lots to

Top 10 Signs a Company Is Headed South

10. CEO talks more about “vision” than “execution” 9. Cover stories appear in Fortune/BusinessWeek about CEO’s uniquely effective leadership 8. Article in Harvard Business Review

Kmart: SCM Gone Wrong

By the 530th day, the turnaround that Chuck Conaway announced on Aug. 10, 2000, was finished. On that day, Kmart filed for bankruptcy protection. Now,