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How Network Outages Bring Down Business

Organizations are routinely experiencing unplanned network outages that impact their access to business-critical applications, according to a recent survey from Talari Networks. Most IT professionals reported tha...Read More

The Essential Steps in a Digital Transformation

Organizational leaders have concluded that the time for talking about a digital transformation has long passed, and they're seeing that "walking the walk" is making a significant, positive impact on ac...Read More

Cloud Adoption Grows, But Obstacles Remain

One of the key findings of a recent global cloud adoption study reveals that only 3 percent of organizations have optimized cloud strategies, although nearly 70 percent use some form of cloud. The biggest ...Read More

Companies Lag in Digital Marketing Efforts

As technology continues to advance and a growing number of processes are digitized, digital marketing becomes more critical to business success. Organizations need to have integrated technology systems and processes,...Read More

How to Quit Your Job With Class

All jobs come with some frustrations, and you may occasionally fantasize about quitting your job in a blaze of "I'm outta here!" glory. Given the intense demand for IT professionals with proven, difficult-to-find skills, yo...Read More

Why Employees Are Bored, Fed Up and Disengaged

Most U.S. workers are not engaged at work, according to a recent survey from Rapt Media. The resulting report, "U.S. Employees: Detached, Disengaged and Disenchanted," indicates that companies are out of...Read More

Consumers Blame Business for Breaches

Money matters are clearly uppermost in the minds of consumers worried about hackers. Credit cards and bank accounts were by far their top concern, according to Centrify's 2016 Consumer Trust research study,...Read More

How Digital Transformation Will Change Everything

The majority of global executives believe that the rapid pace of digital transformation will change nearly every aspect of the way we work, according to a recent survey from Cognizant's Center for th...Read More

What Customers Expect From Multi-Channel Support

Companies are falling short of customer expectations in providing multi-channel support, according to a recent survey conducted by Ovum for BoldChat by LogMeIn. The accompanying report, "Get It Right: Deliver t...Read More

10 Ways to Craft a Compelling Cover Letter

Among the many steps involved with getting the job you want, coming up with a winning cover letter may be among the most challenging. A cover letter, after all, typically serves as your introduction to a potentia...Read More

Why Access Management Is Security's Weak Link

Over the last decade, network access has become far more complex. A multitude of systems and devices—interconnected through mobility and clouds—has transformed the way data flows through the enterp...Read More

Why Data Science 'Rock Stars' Earn Big Salaries

When they demonstrate their tech wizardry with mission-critical solutions, data science professionals place themselves in the driver's seat for lofty compensation packages, according to a recent survey from O'...Read More

Why Developing Wearable and IoT Apps Is a Struggle

With mobile app developers and design staffers now working on multiple products at the same time, these professionals view the growing demand for wearable tech and connected device apps as a top c...Read More

How IT Will Drive the Next Generation of Workers

The vast majority of them haven't entered the workforce yet, but young people identified as "Gen Z" have already developed strong ideas about how tech will impact their careers, according to a recent ...Read More

What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

As competition to recruit qualified technology professionals grows increasingly intense, a significant number of IT decision-makers reported that tech job candidates now expect a salary that is higher than ...Read More
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