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Why IT Pros Give Tech Transformation a Weak Grade

Few front-line technology workers give their companies high marks for adapting to new, transformative tech, according to a recent survey from Business Performance Innovation (BPI) and Dimension Data....Read More

Is Our Trust in Mobile Apps a Mistake?

Over the last decade, mobile technology has radically redefined our business and personal lives. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and mobile apps are everywhere. However, a recent survey by mobile security and...Read More

Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

One of the latest technology trends sweeping through the IT world is the use of application containers. This extension of virtualization essentially enables IT departments to run a lot more apps on servers and t...Read More

The Nine Hottest Tech Jobs

You probably know that talented IT professionals are in great demand, but you may not know which tech jobs are the hottest of the hot. Look no further than this list of the top nine IT jobs, which was compiled from recent resear...Read More

Cloud Update: Adoption and Transformation

It wasn't that long ago when cloud computing was more of a concept than an entrenched reality, but adoption rates are soaring, and the technology is rapidly going mainstream. A new report from Verizon Enter...Read More

Why Companies Struggle With Corporate Culture

While the vast majority of CEOs and CFOs feel that corporate culture is important to their organization, a stunningly low percentage think that their culture is right where it should be, according to a re...Read More

Managers on the Fence About Unified Communications

Unified communication isn't a new concept—or a new technology. However, UC has made major inroads, and, for many organizations, it's become a strategic and cost-effective solution that deliver...Read More

DevOps Adoption Grows, but Results Fall Short

Digital transformation requires organizations and their IT departments to behave very differently, adopting new and unfamiliar methods for speeding software development and other essential tasks. DevOps&m...Read More

How IoT Execs & Thought Leaders Engage on Twitter

The Internet of things is rapidly evolving from a fascinating novelty to a mainstream business and IT concept that is rippling through every industry. However, the IoT can mean vastly different things d...Read More

Why Companies Pay Plenty for Software Waste

Businesses worldwide are losing billions of dollars due to an excessive amount of software waste within the enterprise, according to recent research from 1E. The resulting report, "The Real Cost of Unuse...Read More

Security Fears Delay Mobility Initiatives

As mobility continues to sweep through the business world, users are taking whatever steps they have to—with or without management permission—to access the data and applications they need to do their ...Read More

Top Tech Gifts for the Holiday Stocking

"All I want for Christmas is …a light saber?"  Yes, actually, many American adults admit that they'd like to see the iconic Star Wars creation under the tree this season—not to mention other franchise...Read More

How Generational Workforce Shifts Will Impact IT

With younger employees increasingly dominating the workplace, IT departments will be under more pressure to deliver better tech tools and support, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The accomp...Read More

Employers Offer Bonuses, Parties and Other Perks

Most companies will be giving holiday bonuses this year, according to a recent survey from Accounting Principals. And employees can increase their chance for getting some bonus "cheer" by staying motivated a...Read More

Bosses Question Workers' Excuses for Missing Work

An increasing number of employees are taking sick days even when they're feeling fine, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. And quite a few of them are coming up with bizarre excuses for no...Read More
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