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How the Internet of Things Can Transform Business

The majority of business and IT executives and professionals anticipate that the Internet of things (IoT) will have a significant—if not transformational—impact on their industry, according ...Read More

How Poor-Quality Digital Experiences Hurt Business

Very few companies are delivering a consistent level of high-quality digital experiences for their customers and employees, according to a recent survey from Actual Experience. The accompanying "Digital Exper...Read More

What Would Employees Do for More Pay or Perks?

To double your salary, would you rather be on call 24/7 for your boss … or for Donald Trump? To get unlimited time off, would you rather endure a two-hour commute (each way) or take a huge pay cut? Thes...Read More

Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

Cyber-security is now on every organization's radar. Yet, even with increasing awareness, the number of breaches and breakdowns seems to be increasing. The Verizon "2016 Data Breach Investigations Report,"...Read More

Email Overload Can Lead to Employee Burnout

A relentless glut of work emails is causing many employees to lose sleep at night, according to a recent survey from Samanage. The accompanying report, "Is Work Email Disrupting the Personal Lives of U.S. E...Read More

Why Companies Must Improve Their Mobility Efforts

A recent survey from Aruba conveys a half full-half empty impression about organizations' efforts to embrace mobility. On the positive side, the resulting "Mobility, Performance and Engagement" report ind...Read More

Why Professionals Love Analytics-Embedded Apps

An increasing number of employees are seeking apps with embedded business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities, according to a recent survey from Logi Analytics. The accompanying "2016 Stat...Read More

10 Cities With the Best IT Job Opportunities

Would you like to work in a city with plenty of IT job openings and good salaries? A place where companies score high for job satisfaction and work-life balance? Well, thanks to the recently published "25 Best ...Read More

What Keeps IT From Working on Innovative Projects?

IT professionals spend far more time on the job responding to help-desk and troubleshooting needs, going to meetings and tending to administrative tasks than they do on creative and design projects, ...Read More

How Financial Stress Hurts Work Performance

The majority of employees in a recent PwC survey said they face constant financial stress, and, for many, it's taking a toll on their work performance. The resulting "2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey...Read More

How IT Departments Can Help Companies Manage Risk

Most chief compliance officers don't think they have enough budget or resources to protect their company from risk, and they could use additional tools from the IT organization to improve the situation, a...Read More

Cloud Deployments Grow Despite Security Concerns

Trust in and adoption of cloud computing continues to grow despite persistent cloud-related security and compliance concerns. Such is the overarching takeaway of Intel Security's recent report, "Blu...Read More

Why Open-Source Pros Are in Great Demand

The majority of hiring managers predict that the demand for open-source IT professionals will rise more than other recruitment-based areas of interest over the next six months, according to a recent survey from the...Read More

Why Companies Must Share Cyber-Threat Intelligence

If it seems as if the cyber-security landscape just keeps getting more threatening, you're not imagining things. For example, in February, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles paid 40 bit...Read More

What Motivates 'Boomerang' Employees to Return?

A significant percent of U.S. professionals are "boomerang" workers—people who have returned to work for an ex-employer—according to a recent survey from Spherion. Findings reveal that even more of ...Read More
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