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Why Aren't Companies Dealing With Insider Threats?

Despite clear indications that insider attacks are on the rise, most organizations remain ill-equipped to prevent them. And even though the potential costs of mitigating such attacks can be staggering, the...Read More

What's the Downside of Life as a Contractor?

Have you ever fantasized about being your own boss—cutting the chord to full-time employment to embrace the life of a contractor? If you follow through with such plans, you may find that taking the hired-gu...Read More

Unused Software Costs Companies Millions

A shocking number of the software applications acquired by companies are considered "waste," meaning they go unused for one or more months at a time—and sometimes longer, according to recent research ...Read More

Why Employees Feel Empowered in Their Career

A majority of employees surveyed are open to leaving their current company, and a significant number are already looking for new work, according to a recent survey from Aon Hewitt. The resulting "2016 Workforce...Read More

Why It's Vital to Relieve Work Stress

Work-related stress is a common ailment for most employees, according to a recent survey from Deloitte. The resulting report, "The Stress Study: Business Chemistry," reveals that a significant number of professionals s...Read More

How to Deal With the Security Talent Vacuum

Whether a business is large or small, the likelihood is that it lacks the in-house IT security expertise needed to contend with cyber-threats on its own. A recent survey from security software-maker Kaspersky La...Read More

Employers Ask Parents of Job Seekers to Step Back

Not long ago, we presented some oddball antics on the part of job seekers. Possibly even stranger are the behaviors of some parents of Generation Z job seekers, according to a recent survey from Offic...Read More

What Employees Say They Must Have From IT

Information workers are expressing frustration with what they view as a lack of tech tools and space to pursue collaboration, according to a June 2016 survey commissioned by Prysm and conducted by Forrester ...Read More

Is Unified Communications Realizing Its Potential?

There is no shortage of unified communications options for today's work environment. However, despite the widespread availability and technological maturity of audio and web conferencing systems and soc...Read More

Six Résumé Killers and Four Game-Changers

There are plenty of ways to ruin a résumé, but there are also many ways to make it shine. On the "bad" side, little more than one-third of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they're seeki...Read More

Are Privileged Users the Biggest Security Threat?

Although protecting enterprise assets typically revolves around keeping hackers and other cyber-criminals away from data and systems, there's a growing recognition that insiders also represent a significan...Read More

Keeping Up With the Pace of Digital Transformation

It's no secret that digital processes are the key that unlocks competitive advantage and business success. Yet, putting the concept into motion and achieving gains can be elusive. A new report, "Acc...Read More

Why Expectations Are High for the IoT

A majority of organizations have either launched a formal internet of things (IoT) initiative or are piloting or experimenting with such an effort, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The resulting "Internet...Read More

Ten Self-Defeating Gestures of Job Candidates

When you interview for a job, you obviously want to stand out. But you should try to stand out by making a good impression on the hiring manager—not a bizarre one. The following real-life examples of out...Read More

Delving Into Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle

Every year, IT research and consulting firm Gartner produces its emerging technologies list, which is also referred to as its hype cycle report. On one hand, the technologies featured are far enough along that they...Read More
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