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Data Center Outages Result in Shocking Expenses

The average cost of data center outages has increased by tens of thousands of dollars in recent years, according to recent research published by the Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power. The acc...Read More

Intriguing Insights Into the Digital Economy

The digital economy is more than a concept that's tied only to information technology. It increasingly intersects with all aspects of business and life. A recently released report from Accenture, "Digital Di...Read More

Firms Must Adapt Quickly to Evolving Cyber-Threats

The frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks are on the rise, and there's no indication that this situation will improve anytime soon. More frightening: No company is immune, and few are fully prepared. ...Read More

How You Can Lose a Great Job During the Interview

Despite the wealth of technology-enabled ways to connect to a potential employer, the traditional in-person job interview remains the "make or break" test for potential hires. After all, there's nothing li...Read More

How Clouds Are Reshaping Business and IT

Over the last several years, cloud computing has eased its way into the mainstream of the enterprise, leaving almost no organization untouched. While cloud technology helps organizations achieve remarkable ...Read More

What Turns Companies Into World-Class Innovators?

Did you ever carefully consider what separates the greatest innovative companies from the also-rans? A key differentiator is that organizations that can claim elite status aren't afraid to accept failure...Read More

IT Security Teams Are Stretched to the Limit

The growth of virtualization and cloud computing—and the nimble and responsive architectures they enable—has brought companies unquestioned benefits, ranging from increased business agility to redu...Read More

Why a Growing Number of Enterprises Embrace DevOps

DevOps has gone mainstream, and a majority of companies are now adopting this groundbreaking software-delivery practice in some form, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The accompany...Read More

The 10 Best Tech Jobs in America

You may think you have a great IT job, but does it rank among the best in the country? To find out, check out the following list of the best tech jobs in America from Glassdoor. The jobs were compiled from the company's an...Read More

9 Significant Technology Predictions for 2016

The speed of technology change has accelerated rapidly in recent years, and we should expect more of the same in 2016, according to research from Deloitte. The "Technology, Media & Telecommunications Pr...Read More

Why Companies Aren't Developing Women Leaders

The vast majority of women professionals believe their career potential is limited by an overwhelming gender imbalance within senior leadership roles at their company, according to a recent survey from Skillsof...Read More

9 Ways to Secure Your Company and Stay on Budget

These days, the question is not, "Will we be hacked?" but "When will we be hacked?" or even "How long ago were we hacked?" The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reports that 781 recorded data breaches ...Read More

How Digital Disciples Create Opportunities for IT

Smart connected devices are winning over new enthusiasts at an average rate of more than 2 million people per month, according to survey-based research published by Apigee. The resulting "Digital Impact S...Read More

Social Media Personas That Kill Careers

A significant number of HR managers agree that job candidates frequently hurt their chances of getting hired due to inappropriate social media activity, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam, a Robert Half Co...Read More

Top Security Concerns of Corporate and IT Leaders

Enterprise security is at the center of everything in an organization. In fact, it's virtually impossible to make any type of major business or IT decision without thinking about how it would affect risks...Read More
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