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Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware

20 hours ago | by Tony Kontzer

One would think that the aggressive spread of ransomware would have the lion's share of computer users taking steps to prevent an attack and protect their most vulnerable data. Yet, nearly half of... Read More



  • Reporting Gaps Put Cyber-Security Jobs at Risk
    Over the past few years, as cyber-security has emerged as a critical business issue, corporate boards have become increasingly involved in enterprise security matters. Today, many directors seek accurate and actionable information about risks,...
  • The Cyber-Security Industry Must Be More Realistic
    The reason post-attack incident response wasn’t a market until recently was blind optimism. Firms assumed that with enough resources, they could stop breaches.
  • Should We Prepare for the Death of the Password?
    Since the earliest days of computing, organizations and individuals have relied on passwords to protect systems and crucial data. Unfortunately, in an era of connected networks and devices—and with growing concerns and consternation about...
  • Managing User Access Is Key With Hybrid Clouds
    Virtually all enterprises today have sensitive data and critical applications in the cloud. Providing employees and business partners with remote access to those resources without compromising security is a major challenge, especially as the number...
  • Making Sense of Today's Cyber-Threat Landscape
    "Cyber-crime is big business," notes a recent Trustwave Global Security Report. "We hear it so often that the words threaten to lose their impact." Nevertheless, there is a very real impact. The security solutions provider reports that a malware...
  • Companies Step Up Cyber-Security Safeguards
    A seemingly endless barrage of cyber-attacks is forcing business and IT leaders to take notice and step up protection. According to a newly released study of 221 IT directors, managers and practitioners conducted by IT management firm SolarWinds in...
  • IT Compliance Is Everyone's Concern
    Without robust policies and rules, along with software and IT systems to support them, a company will likely have to cope with compliance gaps and breakdowns.
  • Are Mobile Apps Secure?
    There's no disagreement that mobile technology helps workers and their employers achieve enormous gains in productivity. However, as organizations migrate to mobile devices and practices, the need for robust security grows. What's more, mobile...
  • How Risk-Averse Leadership Hurts Companies
    While most C-level executives are confident that their company will outperform its competitors over the next 12 months, many admit that an unwillingness to take risks may result in a marketplace liability, according to a recent survey from Deloitte...
  • Authentication Works Better With Identity Proofing
    When strong authentication meets highly proofed identity credentials, we will unlock the power they offer and take a step toward a stronger identity ecosystem.

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