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Mobility Causes Pain Points for IT Organizations

1 day ago | by Samuel Greengard

By now, it's apparent to just about everyone that digital technologies are both a blessing and a curse. They create new opportunities but also introduce bold new challenges. Mobility is at the center... Read More



  • Malvertising and Ransomware Are Major Threats
    Cyber-criminals are increasingly using sophisticated techniques to target their victims, including malvertising, crypto-ransomware and zero-day exploits.
  • DDoS Attacks Have Become a Persistent Problem
    Over the last decade, distributed-denial-of-service attacks have grown from a nuisance to a persistent problem that can potentially cripple a company. The Kaspersky Lab reports that there were 12,281 unique victims of DDoS attacks during the first...
  • How to Mitigate Software Compliance Risks
    Audits used to be done because of whistleblowers or suspicious licensing behaviors. Now, most software providers do audits as part of their business practices.
  • Malicious Macros Continue to Cause Damage
    Although the methods used for malicious attacks constantly change and those in the crosshairs must continually adapt to new and changing tactics, some old and often forgotten approaches continue to do damage. One of these threats is the malicious...
  • Encouraging Women to Choose Cyber-Security Careers
    A partnership between Women in Technology and online course-provider Cybrary provides access to free technology training for WIT's members and protégés.
  • Ten Top-Paying IT Security Jobs
    More than two out of five organizations plan to add new information security positions this year, according to industry research. Meanwhile, 28 percent of IT and information security employees think their companies have a "problematic" shortage of...
  • Shadow Data Emerges as Major Security Risk
    Business and IT executives are increasingly aware that there's more to shadow IT than hardware and devices. There's also shadow data. Spotting, tracking and controlling data is a growing challenge, and the failure to keep data in tow can have dire...
  • Go Beyond Defense-in-Depth for Resilient Security
    While defense-in-depth is a good concept for thinking about security, companies should focus on building a more resilient network to better protect their assets.
  • Social Media Creates Compliance Risks
    Over the last decade, enterprise social media has evolved from an appealing concept to an absolute necessity. Businesses are investing in new tools, systems and frameworks for connecting employees, customers and business partners. According to...
  • Is There a Cyber-Security Confidence Gap?
    C-level executives don't share the confidence levels of others in the organization that they're giving their board of directors all the information they need to make sound security decisions. While they are confident in their own cyber-security...

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