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City of San Diego Upgrades Security, Slashes Risks

1 month ago | by Eileen McCooey

The city is expanding its security platform, which provides constant, in-depth visibility into networks and data flow and greatly reduces its threat exposure. Read More



  • Is Enterprise Security Lost in the Cloud?
    The debate about whether to migrate to the cloud is largely over—and the cloud won. Yet, as adoption rates grow and IT systems become more interconnected with cloud architectures, the challenge of locking down security is growing. Overall,...
  • Phishing & Ransomware: Attackers' Favorite Weapons
    A review of recent headlines provides the latest reminder that organizations are under siege. Companies like ADP, LinkedIn and Yahoo—as well as federal agencies such the FBI and IRS—have reported substantial breaches this year, and the...
  • Companies Must Balance Speed and Security
    The need for speed is forcing many organizations to confront an inconvenient truth: While security is clearly critical to business, many enterprise leaders are still willing to cut corners and take risks. An October 2016 study conducted by Coleman...
  • DevOps and Security Teams Are Still in Silos
    In theory, a DevOps culture stressing communication between software developers and IT operations professionals can improve application security by enabling organizations to find and fix issues more frequently and earlier in the process. In...
  • How Secure Is the Cyber-Security Profession?
    With cyber-breaches and cyber-security in the news on a daily basis—and demand for security experts on the rise—one would think that the field would deliver a robust career path. However, according to an October 2016 report from the...
  • Cloud Data Protection Strategies Come Up Short
    Enterprises are flocking to the cloud for the efficiency, cost savings, flexibility and scalability this technology offers. In fact, 40 percent of applications, on average, are deployed in the cloud, and that is expected to grow by an additional 30...
  • Is Bug Testing Out of Control?
    Application security is increasingly under the microscope. As perimeters dissolve and conventional cyber-security boundaries disintegrate, there's a growing focus on code quality and detecting vulnerabilities before they result in breaches and...
  • As Identity Theft Grows, Companies Must Do More
    One of the sad and disturbing realities of the modern world is the growing incidence of identity theft. Organizations and individuals are learning that despite earnest precautions and protections, breaches are unavoidable. A recent report from...
  • Delete or Erase: Keeping Corporate Data Safe
    One of the biggest challenges related to enterprise security is managing the seemingly endless array of touchpoints and system entry points. As a result, today's security must incorporate far more than perimeter protection, system monitoring and...
  • Consumers Blame Business for Breaches
    Money matters are clearly uppermost in the minds of consumers worried about hackers. Credit cards and bank accounts were by far their top concern, according to Centrify's 2016 Consumer Trust research study, which surveyed 2,400 adults split evenly...

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