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Nine Questions to Ask About the Internet of Things

1 day ago | by Dennis McCafferty

The age of the Internet of things has arrived: More than two out of five enterprises are either currently leveraging IoT technologies or plan to do so this year, according to research from ISACA. But... Read More



  • Innovation Isn't Just a Buzzword
    Consumers want—even demand—sophisticated solutions that make things easier and better. They'll judge your company based on what you deliver … or fail to deliver.
  • Ten Essential Facts About Windows 10
    Buzz continues to build for Windows 10, which is currently in public beta testing in anticipation of an official release sometime this year. Microsoft promises that the new version of its operating system is built "from the ground up for a...
  • 2015 Predictions That Will Transform IT & Business
    For years, we've constantly referenced the phrase "consumerization of IT." That's because—with the emergence of the cloud, mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies—many decisions about technology purchases have shifted...
  • Ten Significant Tech Innovations for 2015
    Mobile, the cloud and cyber-security will continue to dominate tech headlines this year, but the following "critical tech innovations for 2015," adapted from a list compiled by the IEEE Computer Society, will recast these topics in a fresher,...
  • Six Tech Trends That Will Define 2015
    The coming year promises to introduce significant disruption and challenges for business and government. These key trends will reshape IT and the enterprise.
  • Digital Moves Faster Than the Speed of People
    The challenge for IT and business managers is to motivate people to adopt new systems. A good start is to ensure that a technology delivers value to everyone.
  • DIRECTV Channels Gamification and Crowdsourcing
    The broadcasting giant turns to social business and gamification to spur employee development and make everyone equal in terms of ideas to improve processes.
  • Using Technology to Drive Business Innovation
    Building an IT organization that supports innovation, agility and growth is essential, and the right framework can unleash opportunities for business success.
  • The World's Top Brands Are Digital
    As if you needed any more proof that technology products dominate all others, check out this recent revelation: Eleven of the top products in the world are digital, according to a recent top 100 list published by Brand Keys. (The only non-tech...
  • IT Increases Budget for Quality Assurance, Testing
    Organizations are investing a greater percentage of the overall IT budget in quality assurance (QA) and testing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Published in conjunction with HP, the accompanying "World Quality Report" reveals that this...

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