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AI Helps North Face Get Personal With Customers

1 day ago | by Samuel Greengard

The clothing and equipment retailer turned to AI and natural conversation to accelerate the online shopping process and provide personalized recommendations. Read More



  • Driving the Future
    The only thing predictable about the future is that disruption will rule—in the auto industry and beyond. So building a foundation for digital business is vital.
  • How IoT Execs & Thought Leaders Engage on Twitter
    The Internet of things is rapidly evolving from a fascinating novelty to a mainstream business and IT concept that is rippling through every industry. However, the IoT can mean vastly different things depending on an individual's perspective. For...
  • 5 Trends That Will Shape Business and IT in 2016
    The pace of change in technology and business continues to escalate, and enterprises that want to keep up should consider exploring these five key trends.
  • Top Tech Gifts for the Holiday Stocking
    "All I want for Christmas is …a light saber?"  Yes, actually, many American adults admit that they'd like to see the iconic Star Wars creation under the tree this season—not to mention other franchise goodies, like a hover bike,...
  • How Technology Disrupts the Competitive Landscape
    The majority of C-level executives rank technology as the top transformative influence on the competitive landscape, according to a recent survey from IBM. The resulting report, "Redefining Boundaries: Insights from the Global C-Suite Study,"...
  • Taking Value Creation to a World-Class Level
    The ultimate goal of any business is to generate value. When an organization realizes this goal, it typically takes performance and sales to a higher level. But the definition of value—and the way organizations arrive at it—is changing...
  • Beacons Take Flight at JFK Airport
    One of the nation's busiest airport terminals uses beacons to gather data about passengers, lines and wait points, and displays that data on 13 large screens.
  • Challenges and Rewards of Deploying IoT Technology
    The vast majority of enterprises have positioned themselves to collect, manage and store data from device sensors—in other words, to deploy Internet of things (IoT) technology, according to a recent survey from Aeris. The accompanying report,...
  • How to Create an Inclusive, Innovative Workplace
    Technology professionals aren't just like everyone else. They take on tasks that require a great deal of both science-based skills and innovative capabilities. They often work under immense pressure and are essential to keeping the company running....
  • 8 Obstacles to Technology Innovation
    Senior management is increasingly pushing technology organizations to innovate, but IT teams are perpetually saddled with other, more immediate responsibilities that keep them from focusing on innovative projects, according to a recent survey from...

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