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How to Build a Better IoT Framework

6 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

To develop IoT ecosystems, business and IT leaders must connect various technologies, manage partnerships, oversee APIs, and address security and privacy issues. Read More



  • Obstacles on the Path to Digital Transformation
    Digital transformation is fundamentally changing business and IT models. It is introducing new and often remarkable opportunities for innovation and disruption. However, the path to success is typically paved with more than a few obstacles. A newly...
  • Cyber-Security Threats Against Industrial IoT Grow
    Organizations of all types and sizes are embracing the industrial internet of things (IIoT), the connected devices in key infrastructure segments such as energy, utilities, government, healthcare and finance. That growth hasn't gone unnoticed:...
  • The Top Hot Spots and Drivers of Innovation
    Global technology leaders still consider the United States at the forefront of innovation, but China is catching up, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The accompanying report, "The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies," also ranks the...
  • Strong ROI, Increased Innovation Fuel IoT Adoption
    With the majority of organizations having introduced internet of things (IoT) devices and sensors into the workplace, companies are reporting ROI that impressively extends well into double-digit territory, according to a recent survey from Aruba, a...
  • Building a Framework for IoT Security Compliance
    As more IoT devices are connected, the possibility of compromised security increases. That's why there's a need to establish best practices for security.
  • Banking on AI to Offer Better Customer Service
    Artificial intelligence enables virtual agents to learn by observation. That adaptive ability is what a Swedish bank is counting on to serve its customers.
  • Why Organizations Are Investing in APIs
    The vast majority of organizations today either currently use application program interfaces (APIs) or expect to in the future, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The report, "APIs: Building a Connected Business in the App Economy,"...
  • 12 Tech Trends That Will Shape Our Future
    In The Inevitable, the author identifies forces that he thinks will revolutionize our culture over the next three decades, including artificial intelligence.
  • Business Wants IT to Help More With Innovation
    When it comes to innovation, IT decision-makers and line-of-business professionals disagree about whether the technology department is providing the solutions that are needed, according to a recent survey from Softchoice. The resulting report,...
  • IT Must Evolve to Enable Digital Transformation
    When IT staffs devote most of their time to day-to-day tasks such as managing hardware, software and networks and resolving issues, they have little time to devote to innovation. That's risky, given the growing need to improve customer engagement,...

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