Programming Languages That Pay Big Bucks

Programming Languages That Pay Big Bucks

Programming Languages That Pay Big Bucks

Top Three Programming Languages for Jobs
SQL: 98,375 postingsAverage salary: $90,000
Java: 66,634 postingsAverage salary: $95,000
HTML: 44,928 postings…Average salary: $81,000

SQL is a programming language that's high in demand, thanks to its role in big data management. As a result, IT professionals with SQL skills are pulling down great salaries, according to recent research from Indeed.com, a job search site. Even if you don't have certification or a background in SQL, there's no need to fret. Indeed has come up with a list of other tech programming languages for which job postings are plentiful and salaries are high. The numbers speak to what is amounting to a "Golden Age of Tech," as IT drives organizations' day-to-day operations in addition to big-picture strategic planning. This dynamic—coupled with continued innovation—translates into new languages that are seemingly materializing by the month. Because it's difficult to stay on top of which languages will benefit your career the most, this list can be a big help. As a bonus, we're also including more than a dozen top employers for these types of jobs, as well as the U.S. cities where the most opportunities exist.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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