The Top Digital Communication Platforms For 2022

digital communication platform

Choosing the best communication channels for your business can be a challenge. For any business to be successful, it must establish a smooth and hassle-free digital communication platform with its customers.

‍Let’s first understand the meaning of communication channels.

A communication channel is a type of media that allows you to interact with others. What medium did you use to communicate with a customer or team member? That can be an example of a communication channel. In today’s world dominated by digital technology, it is only natural that we rely more on digital communication platforms than other options.

The Top Six Digital Communication Platforms

1. Websites

Your company’s website is undoubtedly one of the most influential and effective digital communication platforms. You can be in charge of how they react to specific input when they are on your website. You can deliver a highly personalized message to entice them to perform particular actions that benefit your business.

However, you must also not forget that customer attention spans are getting shorter. You only get a few seconds to impress and convince them.

Make sure your website has an excellent user interface and design. A large percentage of potential customers make buying decisions based on the design and user-friendliness of the website.

You must also include product reviews, customer testimonials, powerful images, and use cases to fortify your efforts. Add more value to your website with blogs and videos.

2. Social Media

With an astounding 4.2 billion users worldwide, social media is one communication platform you cannot miss. Customers love these channels as they can connect with the concerned parties instantly. They can also get real-time information and updates.

Businesses are using social media channels more than ever to announce and showcase new products and engage with their targeted audiences.

Your social media content must be on point and based on a solid plan. Use videos, images, and GIFs with a purpose. Engage in honest conversations that can help create a sense of community.

‍3. WhatsApp and Texting

Messaging apps are no longer used only for personal communication. It is a norm now for most businesses to use SMS and WhatsApp to communicate with customers. These platforms present the best opportunities for companies to inform their customers about new offers and deals. They also use the platform to provide status updates about orders and delivery.

‍4. Live Chat

Almost all organizations have a live chat option on their website for instant communication. Live chat offers a quick, direct, and convenient way of getting customer reactions and addressing their concerns. So, that’s why it’s become a vital communication channel for any business with an online presence.

‍Customizable software systems are available for offering live chats. For example, if your targeted audiences are from different countries, you can choose a live chat system that offers automatic multilingual translation.

5. Chatbots

The success of live chat as a communication channel has led to chatbots becoming an essential communication tool for businesses. They offer fantastic support to live chat agents when queues become busy. They have become a precious self-service support tool also.

If the chatbot doesn’t understand a customer query, the system automatically escalates the communication to live chat, providing a seamless customer experience. A considerable advantage of using chatbots is that customers have 24/7 access to you for sharing their views and problems. The data collected by chatbots can be used for later interactions.

6. Video Chat

Video chat is another excellent use case for video as a communication platform chat for customer service. Over the past few years, the popularity of video chat as an engagement tool is growing incredibly fast. The reasons are clear. Customers love a direct, face-to-face connection that a video chat offers.

Verbal communications improve vastly when video communication is involved, leading to better understanding among all the concerned parties. Customers can enjoy better communication by following the body language of the agents. A calm demeanor indicates trust, while a broad smile conveys confidence and faith.

7. Email

It might be the most basic and oldest digital communication platform, but it is still one of the most effective. There must be some good reasons why over 290 billion emails are sent out daily.

Emails offer a cheap and reliable way of communicating with customers. It supports regular attachments with ease and at no cost. However, compared to modern and advanced forms of digital communication, email has some setbacks. They are sent out in real-time, but you cannot be sure of a quick response. They work best for issues that are not very time-sensitive.


Effective communication software systems are making their presence felt in most businesses. It is one of the technologies that have profoundly impacted our lives. These systems help companies stay connected with consumers regardless of where they are.

So, it is crucial to choose the most effective communication solutions for your business. They help you send out a message to your customers that you are available to serve them better by addressing their concerns swiftly and decisively.

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