Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

By Tony Kontzer
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    Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

    Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

    Application containers are taking the IT world by storm, but many companies may be leaving benefits on the table by not getting the technology into production.

One of the latest technology trends sweeping through the IT world is the use of application containers. This extension of virtualization essentially enables IT departments to run a lot more apps on servers and to make them much more flexible and portable. But like any technology innovation, containers bring their share of challenges. A recent survey from application performance monitoring company Ruxit provides a clear picture of the evolving adoption of container technologies—notably Docker—as well as insight into the obstacles companies face in setting them up. While the findings indicate that many companies are letting concerns about those challenges limit their use of container platforms, those organizations may be falling behind by not taking full advantage of a technology that promises to jump-start their application rollouts. "It's no surprise that Docker is used most widely in development environments," Alois Mayer, a developer advocate at Ruxit, wrote about the survey. "Technology pioneers and industry leaders have already moved well beyond that stage, however. Once you've experienced the simple, seamless application delivery process offered by Docker, using it for continuous delivery into your production environment is a no-brainer."  

This article was originally published on 2016-01-06
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