3 Things You’ll Need to Do to Get an ROI on VOIP

Internet Protocol-based deployments will dominate new investment in communications and software. Here are some helpful hints on how to make it happen for your business.


Look for more than just a replacement. IP telephony in the enterprise is inevitable, says Gartner analyst Jeffrey Snyder. But it’s not just about installing a new phone system- companies need to build a vision for how they want their communications functions to fit into the larger business. Keep in mind, though, that IP telephony is a disruptive technology, and implementing it may require lots of consulting assistance and high up-front costs.


Build up your expertise. Not everyone has a compelling reason for ripping out TDM lines and replacing them with IP. Take Alan Weisenberger, vice president of technology services for Evangelical Christian Credit Union. He says he sees the promise of IP telephony, but that he’s waiting for the technology to mature. In the meantime, Weisenberger is trying small deployments to get his staff up to speed and determine how IP telephony can best be implemented in the credit union’s infrastructure.


Make telecommuting a reality. There is a growing list of workers and job types that can operate efficiently and productively in a home-based environment, according to Randy Cleghorne, director of I.T. and chief technology officer for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. IP telephony is enabling businesses to promote telecommuting for a much larger number of workers, boosting job satisfaction, reducing operational and staff turnover and improving customer service.

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