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The Best Part of the Job is Having a Job

See also: Job-Hopping is So 2006 With unemployment rates still painfully high, Americans value job stability more than any other career-related asset, according to a new survey released by Heald College and conducted b...Read More

Job Hopping is So 2006

See also: Grateful to Have a Job Workers are holding on to jobs longer these days, according to a new study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). The days when professionals spent a career at the same company and ende...Read More

12 Ways to Innovate

Ever wish you were the genius who first thought of Amazon, Facebook or eBay? Or that you grokked concepts like cloud computing or social media before everyone else knew about them? Trend-setters are not clairvoyant or possessed of supe...Read More

10 Tips for Better Project Management

When it comes to project management, the management part is just as important as the project part. Of course the details matter, a lot, but too often managers find themselves lost in the weeds after chasing down day-...Read More

Workaholism on the Rise

See also: Sick Days Are a LuxuryAre you a workaholic? Some people scoff at the whole concept, or don’t realize that they exhibit behaviors associated with an obsessive focus on work. Yet being a workaholic can lead to stress, damaged...Read More

Seven Tips For Finding the Job You Want

It’s tough to find a job these days, much less the job of one’s dreams, in the slowly-healing economy. Long gone is the era when a good resume and a few interviews did the trick. Yet too many of us still chase our ...Read More
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