Top Tech Strategies Boosting Casino Security

Casino Security

Casinos have been around for a very long time. They are widely known worldwide and serve as a form of entertainment and time for millions of people. Traditionally, they’re known for their tight security. Still, in the last year, there have been cyber attacks on some popular casinos, revealing that their security is not as tight as many initially thought.

When news filtered out that a renowned casino had been attacked late last year, it sent shock and panic throughout the casino industry. Several reports reported that a lot of sensitive data had been compromised during the attack. These data reportedly included Social Security Numbers, driver’s licenses, and even members’ loyalty rewards.

Although the casino concerned moved quickly to remove stolen data, it still cannot guarantee its safety. In addition, the attacker’s identity remains unknown. This highlights how important it is for casinos to update their security architectures and implement enhanced cybersecurity measures that will safeguard users’ data and funds. This will allow players to enjoy the newest games at Ignition without worrying about the security of their data and hard-earned funds.

Like other industries, the casino industry has undergone significant technological transformation in the last few years. While the benefits of this technological transformation cannot be denied, more casinos have become more exposed to cyber-attacks. With the interconnected digital world, there are now more vulnerabilities in the casino system, which can lead to unprecedented security breaches.

When casinos were just traditional brick-and-mortar stores, they didn’t have to worry about cyber attacks. However, with constant technological advancements and implementation, they now have to be on their toes to protect customers’ funds and data.

The good news is that technology has also evolved to address these gaps. More advanced security measures are now available to protect casinos from cyber attacks. In this article, we’ll discuss the top technological strategies that are boosting casino security.

The Best Tech Advancement Casinos Are Using To Boost Security 

Facial Recognition

The most recent development in casino security is unquestionably facial recognition. By using a distinct “facial fingerprint” that is compared to a database of thousands, casinos can use it to monitor the activities of their patrons. It’s not limited to identifying lawbreakers, either. Venues such as yours may utilize facial recognition technology to discourage bad actors and improve engagement with VIPs because it can identify everyone.

Key Cards

When you hear key cards, the first thing that’ll likely come to your mind is doors. However, when it comes to casino security, key cards do much more than that. Key cards are now widely used in casino resort settings since they can also be used as player cards. You can generate a virtual paper trail of a customer’s movements and their activities at specific checkpoints by connecting key cards to players. As a result, trends in activity are visible, including gaming activity and money spent.

Smartphone Applications

Let’s be real; there’s already a mobile app for everything. Casino apps are used by almost all casinos today, and they mutually benefit both the casinos and their customers. Players can play with rest of mind and ease because the mobile app keeps track of their gaming history, giving them information about how much and how frequently they win, allowing them to modify their approach accordingly. Casinos are equally visible in revealing the values of their customers. Casinos get the same visibility to expose patrons’ values and can also depend on apps to share alerts with key personnel.

ID Scanning

Sometimes, your customers are not who they say they are. With ID scanning with integrated face-matching features, you’ll know who your customers are without stress. ID scanning allows you to check in suppliers, customers, VIPs, and staff by matching faces to driver’s licenses and database photographs. This ensures that no one can use another person’s ID card to impersonate them and access their account data or funds.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

How about getting a behind-the-scenes look at potential hazards and opportunities outside your casino? LPR uses cameras strategically positioned in garages and/or parking lots to scan license plate numbers and obtain information. LPR is effective for the bigger picture, just like facial recognition. The software identifies VIPs and well-known miscreants by matching cars to people using the property.

RFID Chips

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is becoming increasingly popular in casino security because it is effective in thwarting debit and credit card fraud. However, RFID can be used for a lot more than just credit card security. Casinos can stop theft and counterfeiting by integrating this technology with poker chips. RFID offers information about the amount of money exchanged and how much is on gaming tables.