Re-evaluating Security and Privacy Practices

Re-evaluating Security and Privacy Practices

Re-evaluating Security and Privacy Practices

Cyber-Theft Grows
In 2003, there were 21 publicly reported incidents of large-scale loss, theft or exposure of personally identiļ¬able information. In 2011, there were 1,037.

While most companies have security controls and privacy policies in place, many don't have systems in place to make sure those policies are being followed, according to a new report from PwC US. Enterprises need to stay on the forefront of data security practices, ensuring that new and evolving threats are met with equally robust security practices. In Fortifying Your Defenses: The Role of Internal Audit in Assuring Data Security and Privacy, PwC US examines the state of data security and reveals how internal audits can play a critical role in keeping data safe. "Despite all the attention around data security, the risk of breaches is only getting worse with severe ramifications, not only in terms of dollar costs, but also management attention and company reputation," said Dean Simone, leader of PwC’s U.S. risk assurance practice. "To battle the ever-changing hacker profiles and accelerating rate of technological change, companies need to constantly re-evaluate their privacy and security plans." PwC outlines steps companies can take to keep their data secure.

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