IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

By Tony Kontzer
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    IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

    IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

    IT leaders know that making their organization cyber-resilient is crucial to combating cyber-threats, but most come up short in achieving this fundamental goal.

Cyber-resilience—the ability of an organization to withstand and effectively respond to cyber-attacks—is widely recognized as a critical capability amid an ever-expanding universe of threats. Yet most organizations are ill-equipped to make themselves cyber-resilient. That ominous disconnect is the overarching takeaway from a recent survey of IT and security executives, "The Resilient Organization: Learning to Thrive Against Threats." The survey, conducted by privacy and security research firm the Ponemon Institute on behalf of incident response vendor Resilient Systems, makes it clear that organizations have a lot of work to do to make themselves cyber-resilient—work they should be making a top priority. Organizations that want to achieve cyber-resilience "must adopt new technologies, improve collaboration across business functions, and have proper CSIRPs [cyber-security incident response plans] in place, among other things, before they can attain that goal," said Ponemon Institute founder Larry Ponemon. "Until then, their organizations remain extremely vulnerable to the next wave of cyber-attacks from increasingly sophisticated and determined hackers."

This article was originally published on 2015-11-02
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