Gen Y Bucks Policies on Use of Personal Devices

By Samuel Greengard
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    Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the Rules

    51% of respondents said they would contravene any policy in place banning the use of personal devices at work or for work purposes.

It's no secret that Generation Y has drastically different values about technology than other generations. But now these differences are playing out in the enterprise, particularly as mobility and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement flourish. A newly released survey conducted by network security firm Fortinet found that younger workers are taking an increasingly hard-line stand on corporate policies that limit and control devices, particularly personal technologies such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches and emerging devices such as Google Glass. The "Fortinet Internet Security Census 2013" polled 3,200 employees ranging in age from 21 to 32 in 20 countries. Among other things, it found that there's a 42 percent increase in the respondents' willingness to break usage rules compared to a similar Fortinet survey conducted in 2012. The research also illustrates the extent to which Gen Y have been victims of cyber-crime on their personal devices, their "threat literacy" and their widespread practice of storing corporate assets in personal cloud accounts. "The study highlights the greater challenge IT managers face when it comes to knowing where corporate data resides and how it is being accessed," says John Maddison, Fortinet vice president of marketing. "Now, more than ever, there is a requirement for security intelligence to be implemented at the network level in order to enable control of user activity based on devices, applications being used and locations."

This article was originally published on 2013-12-03
Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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