Emerging Cyber-Threats Present Big Challenges

By Samuel Greengard
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    The Dangers Grow

    The Dangers Grow

    Innovation and digital disruption introduce new risks. The complexity of the IT environment conceals the fragility of the underlying infrastructure. Complacency is widespread.

Greater connectivity and more powerful digital technologies represent a double-edged sword for organizations across every sector. While they introduce remarkable opportunities, these technologies also create new and sometimes great risks. A recently released research report from the Information Security Forum (ISF), "Threat Horizon 2017: Dangers Accelerate," offers insights into the changing threat landscape and how organizations can manage this dynamic environment. The organization, a leading authority on cyber-threats and cyber-security, found that the dangers revolve around nine areas that represent big challenges for senior business and IT managers, information security professionals and other key organizational stakeholders. In fact, these emerging threats could reshape and reframe the business environment over the next few years. "The pace and scale of information security threats continues to accelerate," warns ISF Managing Director Steve Durbin. "The nine threats highlighted in the 'Threat Horizon 2017' report expose the imminent dangers that the ISF considers the most prominent. They have the capacity to transmit their impact through cyber-space at breakneck speeds, particularly as the use of the Internet spreads. Organizations that are informed and prepared for change will go a long way to securing their future."

This article was originally published on 2015-05-08
Samuel Greengard writes about business and technology for Baseline, CIO Insight and other publications. His most recent book is The Internet of Things (MIT Press, 2015).
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