Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

By Samuel Greengard
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    Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

    Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

    Despite the growing frequency and ferocity of cyber-attacks, including ransomware and phishing, many organizations are not doing enough to protect themselves.

Cyber-security is now on every organization's radar. Yet, even with increasing awareness, the number of breaches and breakdowns seems to be increasing. The Verizon "2016 Data Breach Investigations Report," which studied more than 100,000 incidents at organizations in 82 countries and across almost every industry, offers insights into the evolving space, including how mobility and the Internet of things (IoT) increasingly affect business and security. The report warns: "No location, industry or organization is immune from attack. Even with the strongest defenses, you can't bank on not being breached." Unfortunately, many organizations are not keeping up with risks. Among other things, ransomware is on the rise, social engineering techniques such as phishing are becoming more effective, and malware is continuing to evolve. As Rohyt Belani, CEO and cofounder of PhishMe, explains: "By using increasingly sophisticated methods, such as unique subject lines … cyber-criminals and nation-state attackers are easily slipping phishing emails past layers of technology to attack people's inboxes directly. The result is financial loss totaling billions of dollars for organizations across both the private and public sectors."

This article was originally published on 2016-06-08
Samuel Greengard writes about business and technology for Baseline, CIO Insight and other publications. His most recent book is The Internet of Things (MIT Press, 2015).
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