How Mid-South Steel Keeps Malware in Check

Based in Missouri near the Mississippi River, Mid-South Steel Products manufactures, installs and services large fuel tanks and petroleum equipment. Its IT network encompasses everything from company patents and intellectual property to payroll and employee records, so top-notch security is essential.

The company was unhappy with its malware, which did not secure it from all cyber-attacks, according to IT Director Sonny Underwood.  He adds that the system had “a steep learning curve,” which posed a challenge even for “an advanced computer guy like me.”

Realizing that the shortcomings of that malware had left his company with points of vulnerability, Underwood felt compelled to find an alternative means to secure the business network. Given the small size of the IT department, he knew they needed to balance security with ease of implementation and “streamlined management function.”

Underwood says he found that ideal combination of capabilities in the Comodo Endpoint Security Management (ESM) software suite. It offered Mid-South all the layers of defense he wanted in a system, and it was quick to learn and easy to use.

He reports that the ESM software offered a combination of features that he did not find in the other systems he evaluated. These include a centralized management console to manage both local and remote endpoints; real-time notification; real-time threat containment, which automatically places untrusted processes in an isolated environment;  and multi-layered endpoint defense, which incorporates antivirus, firewall, threat containment, host intrusion protection, file reputation look-up, URL filtering and behavioral analysis

Underwood particularly likes the connected visibility of the system. One aspect of that capability provides a view of all machines to check if they’re online or offline, and to determine whether virus protection is up to date. The feature also provides information on the latest scans and updates.

Providing a Comprehensive View

The ESM dashboard gives a comprehensive view and protection management across all endpoints. It displays 14 critical metrics for each of the 25 Mid-South machines, and it points out any alerts or requirements for remediation, while the data remains secured on the network.

Another big plus for Underwood is a desktop feature that allows him to connect his computer to Comodo and demonstrate particular tasks with his keystrokes and mouse movements appearing on the screen.

Having used the system for nearly two years, he reports that it “has not allowed a single malware attack in all that time.”

Underwood sums up his satisfaction with the system in one sentence: “The product is doing what it’s designed to do, and it does it very well.”