Easy Access to Apps Improves Productivity

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Single sign-on access to apps

An identity and access management system enables the Susan G. Komen organization to streamline access to cloud applications, while safeguarding sensitive data.

Simple, Secure Authentication and Access

Now that we have integrated with OneLogin, our users can click once to access all the applications they need to carry out their responsibilities. It saves countless keystrokes and eliminates the need for multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords. OneLogin also eases the workload for our IT team by reducing the number of help desk calls and help tickets.

The solution provides an activity monitor that enables us to track who logs in to our applications and databases. This gives our administrators better insight into who views and accesses the information.

We've discovered that people tend to use an application more if the login process is simple and easy. Our adoption rate has improved for many applications because users can easily access the apps they need—wherever they are. When people are away from their desks, they can access full versions of their Web apps on tablets and smartphones using OneLogin Mobile. As a result, everyone on the staff is more productive.

Administrators can easily add new applications by visiting OneLogin’s app store, which provides a searchable collection of applications that are preconfigured for SSO. If we need an app that's not in the collection, the system works with the vendor to add it.

With this solution, our administrators can authorize users based on their roles and security levels. It is easy to set up rules so that each department and user can access the applications that are appropriate to their responsibilities. Having a rules-based authorization system also streamlines the process of onboarding new employees.

We estimate that this solution will save us $35,000 annually by eliminating support calls related to password problems and resets. In addition, we expect productivity savings of $82,000 per year by making it easier for people to access the applications they need. They will spend less time trying to log in and more time working. In terms of both dollars and productivity, we become better stewards of our supporters’ donations.

Our rating as a nonprofit organization is derived from the percentage of our funding that directly supports breast cancer research. Accordingly, we scrutinize our expenses and costs very closely.

OneLogin’s single sign-on solution reduces our costs by simplifying the ongoing use of cloud-based applications and services and streamlining the onboarding of new employees and Web-based technologies. The solution also improves our security and administrative processes. It benefits our entire organization and also positions us for future growth.

Brim Basom is the IT solutions adviser for Susan G. Komen Foundation, the largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. With 15 years in IT, Basom’s previous experience includes work with Fortune 100 companies in banking, finance, health care and IT consulting.

This article was originally published on 2014-10-03
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