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Project Management Offers Visibility and Oversight

A public school system uses project management software to maintain 32 division projects, and organize, prioritize and estimate resources for 400-plus tasks. Read More >


AAA Club Takes a Visual Approach to Support Tasks

The AAA Allied Group, which caters to motorists in four states, turned to a visual project and task management platform to improve IT help desk performance. Read More >


How IT Scrum Teams Bring Value to the Business

The vast majority of IT professionals surveyed said their department has scrum practices in place, according to a recent survey from the Scrum Alliance. The accompanying "2015 State of Scrum Report" reveals that scrum teams primarily focus on better fulfilling customers' needs, while boosting innovation and satisfying budget, time and scope requirements. The average team size is seven people, and... Read More >


Top Project Management Trends and Goals

Organizations will expect project managers to better align outcomes to business strategies this year, according to a recently published list of project management trends for 2015 from ESI International. That's because the rapid pace of business shifts and technology changes will undoubtedly accelerate, and project teams will have to quickly integrate principles of agile development and change... Read More >


Agile Methodologies Help Tranform a Nonprofit

This nonprofit transformed its business practice, implemented a new case management system and adopted a new business process—all with minimal disruption. Read More >


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