Counterpunching: Cantor’s Emergency Response

Problem: Connections with customer networks lost While eSpeed’s engine for matching trades remained up and running, all connections to customers’ private networks ran through optical lines at the World Trade Center. Solution: Customers who had overseas offices connected to Cantor’s London data center were rerouted across their own networks to

50% Solution

If you should lose half of your staff at once, the challenge isn’t one of replacement but simple survival. In this case, you can’t go it alone. This is when a career of networking with peers is likely to prove critically important. You’ll need to turn to the technology community

Glaxo’s Cure

With Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie as its founder, Groove Networks wins instant enterprise credibility. With Microsoft investing $51 million for a minority stake, its financial credibility is newly enhanced as well. But GlaxoSmithKline, which licensed Groove’s peer-to-peer collaboration system in April, says the product doesn’t yet meet its standards.

By The Numbers: October 2001

Download the PDF file for this month’s charts and statistics, including: Where IT applications budgets are being spentThe growth of ERP and CRM deploymentsThe cost of Internet attacksThe e-commerce fizzle For a detailed view of this month’s statistics, download the PDF file.

Demands of Forecasting

Knowing how much product to order is key to Avon. Even so, Avon historically has relied largely on manual processes to collect and evaluate historical sales information. Avon used this past data to create educated “guesstimates” of how much product the company would need on hand in both the short

Three Strikes, You’re In: Succeeding at Last

The failure rate in implementing information systems that manage companies’ relationships with their customers can be shockingly high. A recent Gartner study said more than 50% of such CRM projects fall short of meeting business objectives. BMC Software of Houston, a $1.5 billion software company, is an ideal example of

And We Said, Let There Be Light

It’s hard to deal with an everyday task, much less a crisis, when you’re literally in the dark. When the World Trade Center was attacked on Sept. 11, many companies’ attempts to recover from the disaster were hampered by the fact that they hadn’t one of the most basic tools

After the Disaster

The bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon destroyed buildings and lives. It also shattered widely held beliefs. Even mundane things like power outages now seem sinister. At least 350 buildings housing thousands of businesses in lower Manhattan lost power for several weeks. “When others hear that, it

25% Solution

Planning for the loss of one-fourth of your technology staff can be overwhelming unless you’ve already prepared for the temporary loss of so many people. Indeed, Sabre, the company that revolutionized the travel industry with the development of electronic reservation and commerce services, has had a bunker mentality about security

10% Solution

Disasters of all kinds present the same problem: They are sudden, and their effects are spread unevenly. When it comes to staffing, you probably won’t suffer a sudden loss of 10% of your information technology personnel. Instead, you’ll likely lose 100% of some key department, the equivalent of one-tenth of