The Kmart Roster

Charles C. ConawayChairman and CEORole: Conaway is the driving force behind Kmart’s initiatives to overhaul its supply chain, improve customer service, and market more effectively. He joined Kmart in May 2000 from CVS Corp., where he was president and chief operating officer. Mark SchwartzPresident and COORole: A Wal-Mart veteran, Schwartz

Security vs. Privacy

In a more dangerous world, companies are eager to learn more about workers before hiring. The two-edged sword: Ensuring security at the workplace while also protecting workers’ privacy. Both companies work with employee screener HireRight, which counts Cisco, Fujitsu and Staples as clients. HireRight allows employers to choose information they

Assessing Your IT Exposure

In an ideal world, planning for business continuity would be simple: Reproduce your entire IT infrastructure in triplicate, with live operations, a nearby hot site and geographically distant facilities. Few companies, of course, can afford the expense of complete show-up-and-start-working redundancy. Enter business impact assessment, one of the first steps

Measuring Up

$22B What the U.S. Military is budgeted to spend in the next year on computer hardware and software The Department of Defense, which understands the need to plan for contingencies and protect its human assets, expects to spend a mammoth amount of money procuring technology products this year. Indeed, the

Web Services

What is it? Who dreamed it up? WebMethods devised one of the earliest models for remote Web services, with a September 1997 pitch of the Web Interface Definition Language. That and other proposals—the most significant, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), was written by IBM, Microsoft, training provider DevelopMentor and software

Cheaper by the Rupee

The pitch is tough to pass up: Get access to thousands of talented software developers in other countries, instead of paying higher rates for scarce U.S. programmers. But be sure to add up all the costs involved; the savings might not be as large as you think. No one disputes

Sungard Business Continuity and Internet Services

The Aggressor You have to give SunGard credit: It plays to win. The company’s business continuity division regularly dispatches sales staff to poach business from Comdisco and IBM, its two biggest competitors, and isn’t shy about undercutting their prices. In any event, SunGard hasn’t gotten where it is just by

IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services

Reliable but Not Cheap IBM came late to the market for business continuity planning and disaster recovery, but it arrived with a bang. In the space of a few years, it has bypassed Comdisco and SunGard, each of which had a 20-year head start, to become the market leader. Moreover,

IBM Business Innovation Services

Power of a Pedigree Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, and Big Blue’s Teflon coating extends to IBM Global Services’ consulting wing when it goes up against more specialized consulting outfits such as PricewaterhouseCoopers or Accenture. That’s a formidable roster of companies; Joe Gagnon, vice president of e-business strategy