J.B. Hunt – Driven to Win

One night last summer, David Modine was driving to his stone dealership in Rockville, Md. As he drove up a narrow stretch of residential road, he suddenly found himself stuck behind a tractor-trailer jackknifed at a tight intersection. The truck bore the bright yellow logo of J.B. Hunt, a freight

Share and Share, Unlike

To share or not to share data? That’s the question facing federal agencies (and the integrators that help automate them) in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. It won’t be easy. “There’s 200 years of politics in these cabinet agencies. And federal-to-state boundaries are an even higher hurdle,”

The Bottom Line Per…Robert DeRodes

As the man in charge of formulating technology strategy for Delta Air, Chief Information Officer Robert DeRodes knows what it’s like to operate in crisis mode. Already reeling from an economic slowdown, the airline industry has been devastated by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent falloff in air


There are a lot of smart people who contend that you can never tie good financial results directly to a technology initiative. It’s a pity the same’s not true of bad financial results. Increasingly in recent years, failed or abortive technology deployments have been disclosed as material information by companies

Main Thing I Did Right as CIO? Win Over the CEO

As a former CIO, I fundamentally believe that the CIO has the most impactful job in a company. The CIO has to have as close to the CEO’s vision of the company as anyone. You’ve got to be able to see how everything in the business fits together. You can

Look Before You Weep; Hold Off for Now on XP

Individual experiences with Windows XP on personal computers notwithstanding, initial signs indicate that the latest version of the Microsoft operating system could put a dent—or at least a ding—in total cost of owning and using the software. At least, that’s what some early adopters are saying. Regardless, companies would be

Is Jail Time Good for Anyone’s Health?

The rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), set to take effect in the spring of 2003, dramatically raise the stakes for violating medical privacy, proscribing huge fines and prison terms for those who breach information security. Answer: Not by a long shot. Gartner is definite about

A Time for Doing the Small Things Well

OK, so let me come right out and speak my piece—this isn’t the most exciting time to be a technology executive, is it? Every profession goes through phases, and this is a particularly lousy one for the people who make their living setting and executing technology strategy at large companies.

Living the Half Life

When I joined Continental Airlines as chief information officer in 1995, we were four years into a contract with EDS to outsource almost all of our information technology. That strategy struck me as extreme, and we soon modified it. It made more sense, I thought, to outsource only the technology