Sunriver Saturday Market: a vibrant community celebration

Vibrant Celebration

The second annual Sunriver Saturday Market in Bend, Oregon was once again a spectacle for all. Attendees were met with a vast selection of goods, from art to food, all crafted with love by locals. The heat didn’t deter market-goers; both residents and tourists flocked to support local businesses and immerse themselves in the dynamic community spirit.

As stalls showcased diverse offerings, from pottery and jewelry to fresh, farm produce, no one could resist the organic charm of handmade goods. The delightful smell of freshly baked bread mingled with the laughter and chatter of families, intensifying the sense of enjoyment and community.

Steered by the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce, the market brought the community closer together, enhancing local connectivity through the promotion of home-grown businesses. From The Vegetable Man’s farm-to-table produce to Hello Darling Sweets’s delectable treats – it was indeed a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit.

As the market continues to expand, so does the Chamber’s dedication to maintaining its intimate, community-centric spirit.

Growing community engagement at Sunriver Market

Heather Sainsbury, the market’s manager, emphasized on nurturing this communal bond through various initiatives, aiming to foster a vibrant local business ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs, like Megan Wieve of Lil Mama Candles, expressed their appreciation for the supportive environment, highlighting the significant role the market plays in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions. The mutual support and endorsement within this close-knit community foster a shared fervor for craft and success, thereby propelling their growth.

Running from June to October, the market serves as an engaging platform to mingle with locals, explore unique products, and appreciate the heartwarming sense of community. With mandatory masks and appropriate social distancing measures, the next event on August 3rd is set to be as lively and enjoyable as ever.

Originally reported by community-journalist, Kelsey McGee, this tale of a thriving local initiative sheds light on the potential of grassroots efforts and their impact. So, mark your calendar, and prepare for an unforgettable experience at the Sunriver Saturday Market.