PointFive raises $16m for cloud cost optimization

"Cloud Cost Optimization"

IntSights’ founders – Alon Arvatz, Gal Ben-David, and Amir Hozez have launched a novel start-up called PointFive that primarily focuses on cloud cost optimization.

Having successfully led a cyber-security company in the past, they now aim to leverage advanced AI technologies through PointFive to optimize businesses’ cloud resources and cut unnecessary costs.

With cloud services gaining immense popularity, the new start-up, although still in its early stages, has managed to secure around $16 million in Seed funding from several renowned firms including Index Ventures, Entrée Capital, Sheva Capital, and Vesey Ventures, signifying investors’ confidence in PointFive’s solutions.

The substantial funds plan to be channelized to fuel growth, advance product development, and enhance Research and Development. This puts PointFive in a strategic position to increase its market presence and directly compete with industry pioneers.

PointFive’s platform, powered by advanced analytics facilitated by AI, aids businesses in optimizing their cloud expenses without sacrificing operational effectiveness or performance. The platform’s automation tools also help in the regular monitoring and management of cloud costs, thereby reducing the need for manual oversight and helping businesses reach their budgetary targets.

Several leading firms have already incorporated this platform into their IT strategies leading to substantial savings and enhanced bottom level performances.

PointFive’s venture into cloud cost optimization

This signifies the importance of the cost management and analytical facility the platform provides.


Arvatz, PointFive’s Co-founder and CEO, indicated that the start-up was essentially started to provide tools for transitioning from reactive solutions to proactive cost optimization. He also plans to offer superior functionality involving real-time tracking of scaling and cost implications, thereby enabling businesses to understand their cloud expenditure better.

Along with delivering comprehensive and predictive cost management solutions, PointFive aims to analyze thousands of cost variables, thereby maximizing cloud resource efficiency and reducing expenses.

Arvatz also showed immense gratitude for the support received so far and expressed optimism about the company’s future endeavors. His vision lies in understanding the industry’s evolving requirements, employing state-of-the-art technology, and being a reliable and effective partner for businesses in optimizing their cloud costs.