Plum impacts health insurance with innovative features

Innovative Plum

Meet Abhishek Poddar and Saurabh Arora, the innovative founders of Plum. Since 2019, their fintech solutions have impacted the employee health insurance sector, benefiting over half a million people.

Always innovating, Poddar and Arora have expanded the reach of Plum with pioneering features such as comprehensive dental plans, maternity benefits, and chronic disease management programs. Through collaborations with top-tier health care providers and wellness platforms, they’re democratizing access to quality health care.

These achievements haven’t slipped under the radar. With consistent accolades, Poddar and Arora are renowned as pioneers in the fintech ecosystem. Their inextinguishable passion for healthcare equality and tech innovation keeps Plum at the forefront of the sector.

Looking ahead, the duo is keen on reaching a wider demographic and tapping into untouched sectors of the Indian market. Their strategy relies on the potential of integrated tech health solutions and a continued investment in robust R&D capabilities.

Poddar, having formerly worked at Google, brings a drive for technological innovation to Plum. Arora, with his comprehensive computer science background, enhances the company’s technical facilities.

Plum’s innovative influence on health insurance

Their combined approach greatly boosts Plum’s business performance.

Plum operates on a B2B2C model, teaming up with leading insurers like ICICI Lombard. The company aims to redefine traditional insurance setups and focuses on businesses that seek advanced tech solutions for their insurance systems.

Plum proudly serves a diverse client base spanning over 4,000 firms across India. They have processed approximately 70,000 claims and experienced a revenue increase of sevenfold.

Poddar stresses the importance of sustainable growth. Each sale made contributes to the company’s variable costs, funding continual improvement in their production processes. Part of each sale is also reinvested in R&D, keeping the company at the forefront of tech advancements.

Over half of Plum’s claim process is now tech-driven, a strategic move that has resulted in significant savings for its users. Plum is confident that expanding their network of associate organizations will increase the benefits for its users.

With its cutting-edge tech solutions, Plum is all set to reshape the landscape of employee health benefits insurance. They’re offering scalable and appealing plans to ensure comprehensive care, further establishing Plum as an industry vanguard.