New features and changes expected in iOS 18

"iOS 18 Features"

The tech world is abuzz with excitement over the upcoming release of Apple’s iOS 18 and other software enhancements. The industry is ripe with speculation about what innovative updates and improvements we can expect.

The crown jewel of the conversation is the new Home Screen in iOS 18. Expected to feature heightened customizability, such as the ability to select color schemes for app icons and a more versatile method of rearranging icons.

In addition, iPhone XS and later models are expected to be compatible with the public beta and the full release of the new operating system. Apple’s desire to keep enhancing the user experience is truly admirable.

Interesting news also surrounds older Apple devices. Specifically, the iPhone X, the first-generation HomePod, and the initial version of AirPods are now considered “vintage”. Apple may still provide repair services for these devices subject to parts availability. However, Apple’s support for these older devices might vary based on each device’s country of purchase.

Expected updates and enhancements in iOS 18

So, holders are advised to check in with their local Apple store or authorized service provider.

The rumor mill also hints at another exciting development, a new HomeAccessory that could be a fresh model of Home Pod equipped with a display screen. This could be an exciting leap forward for at-home Apple technology.

And despite disappointment that current HomePod models won’t be integrated with Apple Intelligence, there is hope that this new HomePod model might include such a feature. Only time will tell.

Discussions are also swirling around the potential news on the Apple Watch, provisionally called Series X. While many are hoping for substantial change, insiders suggest major modifications may not be in the cards. One thing’s for sure, Apple fans can’t wait for its unveiling.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned supply chain expert, has also speculated that future AirPod models could be equipped with infrared cameras. This potential update could revolutionize user-device interaction by supporting in-air gesture commands.

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