Figma suspends AI design feature amid copying allegations

"Suspends AI Design"

Figma, a leading design software firm, has temporarily shut down its AI design feature, Make Design, due to allegations of copying Apple’s Weather app designs. The decision to suspend the feature is pending an in-depth investigation.

The allegations were initially raised by Andy Allen who noticed striking similarities between Figma’s designs and those of Apple’s weather application. Allen, a known creator of several utility tools, including a top-rated weather app, brought these claims to light.

Make Design is a critical part of Figma’s software. It’s designed to speed up the design process by providing quick illustration of potential design routes via text commands. This feature not only simplifies the conceptualization phase but also makes the overall workflow smoother, making design components easily manageable and accessible.

Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO, has rejected the idea that the software used other existing applications or community data from Figma.

Figma halts AI feature amid copying claims

The company further explained that the designs were actually produced through complex language models.

The controversy has resulted in a temporary pause on Make Design’s functionality to allow for a serious quality assurance examination. Field admitted that the rush to release new AI features might have overlooked crucial quality checks. To regain customer trust, there’s a renewed emphasis on quality over speed.

The company is now meticulously inspecting each aspect of their AI technology, identifying and amending any issues they may discover. Their goal is to prevent a repeat of such incidents in the future and underscore the importance of constant quality control in delivering a reliable and user-friendly product.

Currently, Apple has not made any public comment regarding the controversy. Their silence has sparked speculation among critics and supporters. As we wait for further information, people are keen to hear Apple’s take on the situation.