Annual Power List honors Hampton Roads economic influencers

"Power List Honors"

The annual Power List by Inside Business celebrates remarkable individuals who have made prominent contributions to the economic growth of Hampton Roads. These individuals include corporate leaders, innovators, and exceptional managers. Their persistent dedication to economic development, innovative ideas, and strategic visions have significantly shaped Hampton Roads.

Unlike previous years where individuals were ranked based on their influence, the new approach categorizes them based on their type of power and influence. This method prevents direct comparisons, focusing more on the specific kind of influence each one wields and allows appreciation for the different forms of influence.

An additional catalogue featuring 55 influential figures from diversified sectors, notable achievers, and individuals involved in significant recent events has also been assembled. This catalogue puts a spotlight on those who have made a substantial impact in their respective fields, distinguished themselves through extraordinary accomplishments, and are committed to advancing their sectors.

Notable among the listed individuals is Dr. Alfred Abuhamad from Eastern Virginia Medical School, for his significant contributions to various medical fields.

Highlighting Hampton Roads’ economic leaders

His collaborations have been essential in developing new healthcare methods and techniques. His extensive research initiatives continue to lead to numerous scientific breakthroughs, affirming his status as a respected authority across various medical domains.

Javaune Adams-Gaston, the president of Norfolk State University since 2019, is recognized for her pivotal role in promoting innovation, job creation, academic advancement particularly in cybersecurity. Under her leadership, the University has experienced significant growth and improvement. Her efforts in expanding academic programs and enriching student life experiences, especially in the cybersecurity field have led to increased job creation, affirming Norfolk State University’s position as a thought leader and innovator.

Mary Kate Andris, the CEO and president of the Civic Leadership Institute, is acknowledged for her significant contribution to the growth of the leadership program. Her innovative approaches have led to the Institute’s growth making it a premier leadership development program. Her commitment towards nurturing future leaders has positively shaped the leadership landscape, confirming her essential role in the field.