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Where to Find the Fastest Internet Connections

While worldwide internet connections speeds are down slightly, average peak connection speeds are on the rise, according to research published by Akamai Technologies. The resulting "Second Quarter, 2016 State of the Internet Report" provides a thorough breakdown of internet speed and usage patterns throughout the globe. South Korea, for example, claims the fastest average connection speeds, while... Read More >


How Network Outages Bring Down Business

Organizations are routinely experiencing unplanned network outages that impact their access to business-critical applications, according to a recent survey from Talari Networks. Most IT professionals reported that they can only afford to lose access to these apps for a couple of minutes at a time, if at all. However, most outages last at least an hour. Leading causes include problems related to... Read More >


The IoT Ensures Food Safety at Ward Aquafarms

A leading commercial seafood farm turns to the internet of things to run the business more efficiently and to monitor the quality and safety of the harvest. Read More >


Blockchain Tracks Gems Globally for Everledger

A firm that records the global movement of diamonds adopts blockchain tech to get a complete view of the transactional layers of the industry and specific gems. Read More >


CalPERS Adopts a More Secure Networking Approach

The California Public Employees' Retirement System deployed a system with full visibility of physical and virtual networks, boosting performance and security. Read More >


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