Mobile Workers Need Better Time-Management Tools

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Mobile Workers Need Better Time-Management Tools

    Mobile Workers Need Better Time-Management Tools

    Time-and-task tools built for mobile workers can help users keep track of the hours devoted to each project and enable managers to evaluate employee workloads.

As today's workforce grows increasingly mobile, organizations are missing out by not investing in better time-management tools for their employees, according to a recent survey from Changepoint. The accompanying report, "From Insights to Action: Mobile Keeps Businesses Moving Forward," reveals that today's professionals are incredibly busy, with many juggling no fewer than four major projects at any given time. They depend heavily on their personal mobile devices to handle this workload, often using three of these devices throughout the day. Enterprise-integrated time-and-task solutions built for the mobile generation could help users keep track of the hours devoted to each project, while enabling managers to better evaluate whether their employees are stretched too thin. However, very few workers and managers are taking advantage of these products, and many resort to spreadsheets and paper-based reporting, which can lead to questions about the accuracy of the resulting data. "The benefits of mobile and BYOD [bring your own device] are clear," according to the report. "If businesses can connect their employees to core processes through mobile devices, not only will critical tools and processes align to how their teams work, but businesses can also inject and use analytics to inform better decisions. Today's data-driven business depends on real-time data to monitor workload, productivity, response time, customer satisfaction, and align IT investments with business strategy and growth. Businesses relying on disconnected systems are sacrificing workflow and key analytics." More than 800 project managers, executives and IT professionals took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2016-12-13
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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