Potential Flaws to Watch for in Apple’s New iPad

As many new iPad owners can attest to, the Apple tablet is worth it. The device comes with all the features any tablet owner would want, and it works exceptionally well. More than anything, though, the Retina Display and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology make the new iPad a much better option for today s consumers than any other tablet on the market right now.

However, the new iPad doesn t come without its flaws. In fact, the device has been dogged by complaints from users that it s overheating in one area of its back casing, and others have said that they have trouble connecting to a WiFi network from the tablet. Still others say it takes forever to charge the device.

For consumers who might be thinking about buying the new iPad, knowing those flaws and having an understanding of some of the things that might not appeal to them is important. With that in mind, here s a look at some of the potential flaws or issues consumers might face if they decide to buy a new iPad in the coming months.

1. The heat issue

Apple has caught some heat for its new iPad’s running at higher temperatures than the iPad2. For its part, Apple has said that the new iPad operates at a maximum of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is in line with its expectations, but some have said it gets much hotter. While some owners haven’t faced too many troubles with the iPad overheating, every case appears to be different.

2. Charging takes a while

According to many new iPad owners, charging the device takes an inordinate amount of time. In this writer’s experience, the iPad does take some time to charge, but it s not nearly as bad as some people think. However, if you’re one of those folks who lets the battery drain to the near-end before charging, expect it to take several hours before the tablet fully recharges.

3. It’s the same design

For consumers who expect something new and exciting from Apple every year, the new iPad falls short from a design perspective. When compared with the iPad 2, Apple’s latest launch features the same basic design and comes with no notable improvements. Whether or not that’s an issue, of course, depends on the customers and their expectations.

4. Expensive?

There’s no debating that the new iPad is expensive. The device starts at $499 for the WiFi-only, 16GB option, and can run customers as much as $829 if they want the version with all the bells and whistles. Add that to the cash 4G LTE iPad owners will need to lay out each month, and it becomes clear Apple’s tablet is one expensive proposition.

5. It’s a slightly smaller screen size

Although Apple has stuck with the 9.7-inch display with all three iPads, the new tablet is facing off with products that go a step further, boasting a 10.1-inch offering. Although that might not seem like a lot, the difference is quite noticeable. And when trying to view video or scroll through a Web page, it s an issue. Apple should have delivered a bigger Retina Display in the new iPad.

6. Still no ports

Arguably one of the new iPad’s biggest flaws is its lack of available ports. There is no USB port on the new iPad, nor a place to plug a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable directly into the tablet. Instead, Apple forces customers to buy adapters that can hook into the device’s Dock connector. When will Apple finally offer ports in its iPad?

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