Tips for Stronger Security

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Enterprises need to deploy a layered defense and make data protection everyone’s business.


Tips for Stronger Security

· Recognize high-risk people and behaviors. Many risks come from internal users and their access to data and ability to transmit information.

· Accept the new realities of a mobile workforce. Tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices are becoming part of the work environment. Put in place plans that will allow you to secure and manage devices effectively, while still delivering enterprise data to users.

· Test your security periodically. When it comes to IT infrastructure, it’s not always “set it and forget it.”

· Hire competent, certified people for the IT security team.

· Don’t underestimate the importance of effective security training and education throughout the organization. These efforts should be ongoing, because the security landscape is constantly changing.

· Ensure that all managers are responsible for information security.

·Develop a data-classification methodology that establishes criteria for classes of data or applications based on their value to the business, and protect data and apps accordingly.  

This article was originally published on 2012-03-13
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