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Display System Spurs Collaboration & Productivity

Climb Real Estate installed an interactive display and presentation system that’s a key part of a collaborative work environment for employees and customers. Read More >


UC Unifies Digital Tech and Employees

An organization's success is heavily dependent on unified communications (UC). Essentially, it's the glue that holds digital systems and workers together. Read More >


Crowdsourcing Customer Support Engages a Community

The first goal of the crowdsourcing platform was to improve communications, but NAASF soon knew the value of using crowdsourced information for problem-solving. Read More >


Is Unified Communications Realizing Its Potential?

There is no shortage of unified communications options for today's work environment. However, despite the widespread availability and technological maturity of audio and web conferencing systems and social collaboration tools, most companies have deployed only a smattering of the technologies available to them, with voice applications dominating. What's more, most organizations have failed to... Read More >


Collaboration by Design: Sharing Files Remotely

The team members of this architectural firm are scattered in four locations, so logistics often get in the way of collaboration. But technology can bring them together. Read More >


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