Ten Priorities for Data Center Managers

Ten Priorities for Data Center Managers

Ten Priorities for Data Center Managers

1. Power Efficiency  71% of data center pros say momentum is building for power-efficiency projects to save on operating costs and boost ROI.

The theme that will dominate the top of the to-do list of data center professionals in 2013 can be summarized in one word: power. Specifically, how to use less of it, according to a recent survey from the Uptime Institute Network. The resulting report, "Top 10 Data Center Technology Priorities for 2013," covers a wide range of issues affecting the industry, but those addressing power-related challenges loom largest, as data centers account for 2 percent of all electricity used in the United States, according to an estimate from Stanford University. For data center managers and teams, finding better ways to reduce the energy needed to operate and cool facilities isn't just a matter of going green for ecological reasons. It also involves pursuing mandates from the C-suite that benefit the bottom line. The Uptime Institute Network serves as a knowledge community of data center professionals to identify and share best practices, quantify metrics and improve data center availability as a resource for core business functions. This list represents the most pressing business issues that members will attempt to resolve for the year ahead. Data center owners and operators from 100 companies took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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