Some Employee Behaviors Create Business Risks

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Some Employee Behaviors Create Business Risks

    Some Employee Behaviors Create Business Risks

    When employees don't know company policies on data retention, social media and the use of work devices for personal communications, it creates big risks.

A majority of workers said their employers have not come up with written policies about data retention, social media or the personal use of work devices—or they are unaware of such policies if they do exist, according to a recent survey from kCura. The resulting report, "Big Data From Employees Leads to Big Risk for Employers," indicates that most professionals feel that they won't do any harm to their company if they use work devices for personal communications. They also greatly value their privacy, but they compromise that privacy by sending personal emails and text messages on their employer-provisioned devices—as well as other potentially problematic activities. At the same time, the volume of back-and-forth business emails (much of which is unnecessary) creates additional risk issues, especially as many employees view their inboxes as information filing systems. "The technological advances of the big data era have brought conveniences few could have imagined only a few years ago," according to the report, "but this ever-increasing sea of data brings significant legal, regulatory and reputational risk. … We have a long way to go in getting 21st century technical education to the level of 21st century technology. Employee data is putting employers at risk, and without sufficient information governance programs, the potential damage to the American workplace is substantial." More than 1,010 U.S. employees took part in the research, which was conducted by Harris Poll.

This article was originally published on 2017-05-19
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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