Perceptive Tech Perspectives From Ten Top CIOs

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Apple (#1 overall in Global Top 100)

    Apple (#1 overall in Global Top 100)

    Market cap: $415 billion, CIO: Niall O'Connor, O'Connor, Apple's CIO since 1997, prefers to let his track record do his talking. He's led global implementation of SAP and the launch of Apple's retail point-of-sale/back-office systems.

If you had the chance to have a conversation with one of the world's top CIOs, you'd probably leap at the opportunity, right? Well, Baseline can't give you that, but we can provide the following insights from not one, but 10 top CIOs of technology companies. They're ranked according to their company's placement on PwC's "Global Top 100" report, using market capitalization as the determining benchmark. (While the report covers all industry sectors, we're focusing only on tech companies.) The following perspectives expressed by these CIOs cover a broad range of technology topics, from business-tech collaboration to user feedback to project expectations to disruptive change. You may applaud one CIO's advocacy of IT staff empowerment, and you could be either pleased or dismayed by another one's reluctance to embrace the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement. In researching these CIOs, we found that most of them have something insightful to say, but two of them—including our top CIO—prefer to let their actions speak for them. In those two cases, we've provided some interesting professional details.

This article was originally published on 2014-06-25
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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