IT Pros Don't Expect Big Budget Boosts in 2016

By Dennis McCafferty
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    IT Pros Don't Expect Big Budget Boosts in 2016

    IT Pros Don't Expect Big Budget Boosts in 2016

    : IT employees don't expect notable increases in the tech budget or their department's staffing in 2016. That doesn't bode well for innovation-fueled projects.

While IT employees expect company revenues to continue to surge next year, they don't anticipate any notable increases in either the technology budget or their department's staffing in 2016, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The accompanying "State of IT" annual budget and tech trends report presents discouraging perspectives about prospects for the immediate future, with corporate leaders providing little more than lip service to key needs, such as a stronger cyber-security presence. (It's astonishing that many companies are giving a collective shrug in response to highly publicized breaches at major organizations, according to the report.) With respect to funding priorities, IT pros are targeting desktops, virtualization initiatives, and hosted email and Web services. It will be challenging, however, to address the abundance of needs in the constrained budget environment, and that doesn't bode well for strategic innovation-fueled projects. "IT professionals expect to juggle competing priorities with only small increases in budget," said Sanjay Castelino, vice president of marketing at Spiceworks. "In 2016, they'll be forced to prioritize where to allocate time and resources across their departments and, more often than not, we expect they'll focus on pragmatic, 'must do' projects that keep their businesses up and running." Spiceworks' Voice of IT network shares statistics, trends and opinions about global tech issues from IT employees worldwide. Nearly 840 North American and European IT professionals who are members of the Spiceworks network took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2015-10-19
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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