How to 'Re-Recruit' Your Most Valuable Employees

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Keep Employees Engaged

    Keep Employees Engaged

    Even an employee who is usually engaged can get bored. In fact, research shows that it happens as often as every 18 months.

Whether you're a manager or a team leader, you need to retain strong contributors to foster lasting success. Retention is particularly important now that the job market is on the rebound, and you can expect your competitors to become increasingly aggressive about raiding your tech talent with offers of higher salaries, creative perks and prestige. So don't take any employee for granted. Making staff feel appreciated and valued can be an extremely effective recruitment enticement. How do you keep a valued performer in-house? By getting proactive in your "re-recruitment" efforts, according to HR experts. Re-recruitment, an in-vogue term within talent management circles, is a way of re-energizing your employees by letting them know that they're appreciated more than ever. This practice requires you to continually offer thoughtful gestures, such as demonstrating genuine interest in developing careers and spontaneously saying "thanks for the great work." The following list explains why re-recruitment works and provides best practices for pursuing this approach. The guidelines are compiled from a number of online resources, including ere.net an information clearinghouse for recruitment professionals, and PeopleInk.com, a workplace culture consultancy.

This article was originally published on 2013-11-15
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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