How to Make Users Thankful for IT's Support

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    Make It Easier to

    Make It Easier to "Do Stuff"

    Tech users want IT to give them things that will make their jobs easier. Don't overcomplicate (or ignore) this need.

It's Thanksgiving week, a time to reflect on all the people and things we're grateful to have in our lives. So shouldn't employees show their appreciation for the help you, as an IT pro, give them?  After all, technology workers play an increasingly critical role in their organizations. As reported in prior features, technology professionals are spending a lot less time on mundane, maintenance-oriented functions and more on productive efforts that help users and drive business success. Hopefully, this elevation of your role and status is paying dividends in terms of improved ROI, as well as recognition and appreciation from the folks in other departments. To keep the good feelings going, we offer the following nine ways that will add to your organizational value and help you become an acknowledged asset. Ultimately, it's critical in all circumstances to listen to—and learn from— technology users instead of just dictating solutions to them. After all, IT organizations add the most value when they have a comprehensive understanding of user frustrations, challenges and unmet needs—and then do something to fix those issues. The best practices summarized here were compiled by Accellion, which provides enterprise mobile productivity solutions.

This article was originally published on 2013-11-25
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