How to Help Employees Escape From 'Work Hell'

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Level 1 of Enterprise Hell: Torture by Tech Tools

    Level 1 of Enterprise Hell: Torture by Tech Tools

    Employees are overwhelmed by the abundance of tech tools and solutions tossed at them, confusing work processes.

Imagine being employed at a company where the workers devote 14 percent of their time just duplicating the information-gathering efforts of their colleagues … or where employees spend 45 percent of their days on urgent but unplanned activities (known in most businesses as fire drills). If these scenarios sound painfully familiar, that's because they represent the norm rather than the exception in today's organizations, according to industry research. Clearly, constant work interruptions, redundant tasks and disjointed, siloed processes are creating multiple levels of "work hell," and it's taking a measurable toll on productivity, research shows. To further illustrate this issue, AtTask has produced an e-book, 9 Levels of Enterprise Work Hell: A Journey through the Enterprise Underworld. The tone of the book is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, but the underlying theme is quite serious. The situations depicted in the e-book are real, but they can easily be avoided. In many of these cases, technology can help by automating, unifying and simplifying work processes. This slideshow discusses five levels of work hell and five ways companies can help their employees escape from them.

This article was originally published on 2013-12-18
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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