12 Ways to Create Successful Teams

12 Ways to Create Successful Teams

12 Ways to Create Successful Teams

Who's the Boss?  Decide right away whether the team will rule by consensus or designate a leader who takes input and then calls the shots.

Are you and your tech team members out of sync? Perhaps it's the classic "right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" trap. Or maybe a colleague or two has an agenda that conflicts with the greater mission of the group or your enterprise. Unfortunately, these issues surface all the time at companies. However, a section of the book 9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Teams (Career Press/available now) provides an in-depth perspective on how teams can incorporate norms that set best-practices guidelines and policies to ensure that all individual team members are working for the good of the whole. Authors Stephen Kohn and Vincent O'Connell indicate that team successes do not require an iron-fist approach, and that each norm is adaptable to changing circumstances and business conditions. But they do stress that teams must establish a foundation of working processes and protocols to fuel success. Kohn is president of Work and People Solutions, specializing in executive coaching, management, training and organizational development. O'Connell is the Asia regional director for the Globecon Institute, which also focuses on training and performance management.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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