Baseline Issue September 2009


Do Your Documents Manage You?
Document and content management very often involves the transformation of paper files into a digital format. However, as more organizations seek innovative ways to manage their ever-growing mountain of documents, many also consider areas such as security, business continuity and disaster recovery, collaboration, compliance and e-discovery, and printer management.


The Quantum Advantage
Silicon-based computers will never be able to solve certainproblems, even if the number of transistors on a chipdoubles every year or two. That?s where quantum computers come into play. They work with the state of a single electron and can investigate all parallel alternatives of a problem simultaneously, while using very little energy.

Fighting and Winning the Paper Battle
With its paper-based system, the U.S. Army had to plow through millions of sheets of paper each year. All that changed after the creation of the Army Publishing Content Management System.


Joining Two financial Giants
When Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia, the companies merged their people and technology, as well as their financial assets.


High-Touch Industry Turns to High Tech
Professional services firms use virtualization, mobility and social networking to satisfy customers and improve staff productivity.


Inspire Your Customers
Companies that have developed exceptional customer loyalty will thrive despite the current economic turmoil, according to noted author and consultant Jim Champy.

Keeping Employees Engaged
As the economy improves and baby boomers retire, employees will have more job choices, so keeping them engaged in their work and their company will be crucial. Here?s how to motivate workers and gain a competitive edge.

Getting Your Money?s Worth
Learn 10 proven ways that can help ensure that you are getting the most value for the money you spend with your technology vendors.

Do You Really Need a Blog?
Blogs are great tools for some businesses, but you need to determine whether your company is one of them.

Green IT Gains Priority Status
Global companies once viewed green IT as a wish-list item, but many are now actively pursuing these initiatives.


Speeding Up Sales
Global retailer Fossil deployed an ERP system and then added a workload automation system to speed up orders. Since then, sales have grown 52 percent, systems run more efficiently, and customers and partners benefit.


Mastering Your Voip Migration
Getting your company ready for a telephone switch migration is never easy. So ask yourself these five essential questions before you decide on a VoIP system.


Building a Culture of Innovation>
Combining an innovation lab with a viral adoption strategy is a powerful and effective way to drive results that boost the bottom line.


This issue includes stories about NASA ?pillownauts,? a sporting app for smartphones and the price of corruption.


Starting Point by Eileent Feretic
Time to Rebuild
Employees and customers form the foundation on which a company can rebuild its business.

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