Baseline Issue October 2008


Baseline/BTM 500
Convergence: The Wave of Future Success
Enterprises that fully integrate business and technology management are more nimble, more competitive and potentially more profitable, according to the Baseline/BTM 500 study.

    GM: Life in the Fast Lane
    High-level managers who are well-versed in both business and IT help drive operations, profitability and product design at GM. This strategy has helped cut IT costs by $12 billion since 1996.

    Marriott: Suite Success
    A steadfast focus on IT governance, strategic planning, investment management and maintaining a robust enterprise architecture enabled Marriott to move toward a converged business-technology environment.

    NetApp: Young Company, Mature IT
    Function-based councils, coupled with a steering committee of IT and executive members, help NetApp prioritize technology and business process investments and monitor progress against the company?s strategic plan.

    Pitney Bowes: Stamp of Approval
    A streamlined global IT organization and strategic use of outsourcing helps Pitney Bowes focus on implementing technologies that support the company?s business objectives and provide more value to its customers.

    Verizon: They Can Hear Customers Now
    Migrating the company?s IT operations away from various business units and centralizing them within the corporate IT organization has created a collaborative approach to business. This has resulted in increased productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Planning for Succession
As baby boomers retire, corporate policies and practices need to be revised to reflect the different values of the younger generations, as well as changes in the marketplace.

Why Application Renewal?
Application renewal has become increasingly attractive to CIOs. It involves taking an application, harvesting its value and extending its useful life.


Au Bon Pain: On a Path To Mobility
A custom mobility strategy gives Au Bon Pain?s area directors access to better, more timely data as they travel to meet with caf? managers about the performance metrics of the restaurants.


Managing the Fleet
Most enterprises need more coherent printer management plans. Monitoring and accounting tools make it easier to predict?and reduce?the overall cost of consumables.


Starting Point
Eileen Feretic: The Good Old Days?
The days when IT and business people went their separate ways are long gone, and that?s good news for everyone.

Jack Santos: Is There an Upside to a Downturn?
Revisiting the decisions made in good times can result in a leaner, more financially capable organization.

David Strom: Favorite Peripherals of All Time
This techie discusses peripherals he?s known and loved.

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