Baseline Issue October 2008 199769


Baseline/BTM 500: Living up to Technology’s Promise
Companies that participated in the Baseline/BTM 500 report share a strong belief in the promise of technology and strive to fully integrate it into their business. Their CIOs have bridged the divide that often separates the business and technology sides of an enterprise, thereby facilitating convergence.

Analysis : The Value of Convergence
Enterprises that have achieved business-technology convergence can respond nimbly to change, use their superior performance to leapfrog over less-agile competitors and position themselves for future growth.

AT&T: A Philosophy of Partnership
AT&T?s technology strategy is to incorporate its nearly 30,000 IT employees into every aspect of the business process.

Boeing: Supporting a Global Enterprise
Boeing?s IT organization strives to create the right alignment with business leaders and to build a strong, worldwide operation.

Cisco: Collaboration is kKey to Business
A key goal of Cisco?s IT organization is to enable capabilities that range from faster time to market to identity management.

New York Life: Insuring Business Success
New York?s IT team strives to deliver solutions that support business needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Baseline/BTM 500: Top 100 companies
This list includes the top 100 companies assessed in four areas: governance and organization, strategic investment management, strategy and planning, and strategic enterprise architecture.


Tips from an Interim CIO
The management of IT operations can have a dramatic impact?both positive and negative?on a company?s ability to overcome challenges and compete successfully.

Alphabet Soup of Process Frameworks
A new study shows considerable overlap among technology frameworks, even though they emphasize different aspects of IT processes and use different vocabulary and conceptual schemes.

Ensuring IT?s Survival
These four steps can help technology executives ensure their survival and that of their IT organization.

Giving Begins in the Office
How you treat your employees is a good indication of how you treat your customers and business partners.


One-stop Service for Citizens
The London Borough of Southwark automated its client-service workflows and now provides faster, better service to its 256,000 residents.


Getting Started with E-discovery
When chosen and implemented correctly, the best e-discovery systems can save organizations a significant amount of money and staff time, and can prepare a company for litigation.


Life Support
Few businesses have as specialized a set of technology needs as those in the life sciences sector. They depend on IT to deal with large amounts of data, huge product development costs, patient safety requirements and intense regulatory control.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Get Your Priorities Straight
Leading companies view technology as an integral part of their business?and a partner in their success.

Perspectives by Phillip Gordon
Not What, But How
CEOs want a well-managed technology operation that delivers measurable business value.

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